Autumn Cleaning Tips – 2024 Guide

We know about spring cleaning, but very little about autumn … Why? Because it is not an immense cleaning, strictly speaking, it is especially, the preparation of the house and the exteriors for the coming of winter. Besides, fall cleaning allows you to take care of tasks impossible to perform in summer. Summer is over; the trees will paint with the colors of autumn – but everyone knows that later all this beauty will be on the ground in our gardens. Hence, in autumn, it is necessary to make an extra effort.

The reason is simple and short, colder days force us to spend more time indoors. For this reason, before hosting relatives and friends and taking advantage of the still present sun, it is better to organize yourself with detergents, products, and everything you need to be able to dedicate yourself to autumn cleaning. Move beds, desks, and sofas to remove dust with a vacuum cleaner such as Dreame F9. Finally, use the floor cleaner to remove any residue.

Autumn cleaning is also the perfect opportunity to reorganize your entire home. It’s all about solving problems that were missed in the summer when more time was devoted to outdoor recreation. Remove all unnecessary things before cleaning and take the opportunity to decide whether to keep or dispose of these items. This step can be long, but it will make cleaning up easier afterward.

Throw away everything you no longer need

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Several things can be eliminated without much thought, which will allow you to DE clutter quickly. Here are a few:

  • Old Magazines and Newspapers.
  • Old expired drugs (please return them to your pharmacy so they can dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner) and samples collected during the year and not used.
  • Toys that are broken or have missing parts and those that have not been used in the past year.
  • Plastic dishes without lids and lids without a dish, pantry foods that have been there for over a year, utensils that never serve or are duplicated or tripled.
  • Clothes that are too small or too large, unsuitable or that we keep out of guilt, but that we never wear.

Motivate yourself!

  • Put on some catchy music and work as a team.
  • Carry your equipment and products with you
  • Bundle and carry everything you need in a large bag, so you won’t have to go back and forth for your cleaning products, brushes, and tea towels. Every movement counts; don’t waste your time or energy by walking up and down the stairs.

1. Make fertilizer with dead leaves

To prevent the lawn from being damaged by piles of dead leaves, it is necessary to sweep them regularly. Indeed, these can suffocate the lawn if they remain too long on the ground. So collect them, rot them in a bag and use them in fertilizer for your lawn. Magnificent!

2. Good windows

Poorly adjusted windows can be expensive in winter. Fortunately, you can adjust them. To find out if the latter is correctly adjusted, use a candle: if, when approaching the window, the flame moves, and the air is passing through. If it stays static, all is well. Also, do the test with a piece of paper. If once stuck in the closed window you can remove it, then the window is improperly adjusted. If he gets stuck, then that’s fine.

3. Ventilate the basement

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The windows of most cellars and basements are open in summer and closed in winter. In summer, the hot air from the outside attracts moisture, causes the formation of mold, which condenses on the walls due to low temperature. For humidity to come out, the air temperature must be low or equal to that of the basement. It is, therefore, preferable to ventilate in the fall months.

4. Wash the quilts

Before taking out your duvets, remember to wash them to get rid of the dust and the many mites accumulated during the hot months.

5. Cleaning the wardrobe

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Fall is a great time to sort out your belongings. Put aside all the clothes from this summer that you haven’t put on. If, next fall, you realize that you haven’t put them on again, consider giving them away or transforming them. Decide what things will remain, what can be used as rags, or what can be donated to charity. Along the way, put in the wash or set aside for cleaning the items that need to be freshened.

6. Prepare the balcony/terrace /garden

In autumn, it not only rains a lot, but the first frosts also appear. Then turn the empty flowerpots over. Shelter your fragile plants indoors. Also, protect your plants from the snow.

7. In-house Furniture

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One of the key things to do during fall cleaning is to rearrange furniture and do good cleaning underneath. Over the summer, dust accumulates under cabinets and sofas. Dust should be wiped off all over the shelves as well as cabinet surfaces.

8. Waterproof garden furniture

Do not hesitate to waterproof your garden furniture with paint or the appropriate treatments to protect them from bad weather, wind, and freezing winter temperatures.

9. Check the linen closet

Tidy up your linen closet by moving your most used items to the shelves at eye level and placing the rest on the higher shelves. Check if new towels and bedding require replacement. Wash bedspreads, and furniture covers to kill dust mites and bacteria.

10. Clean Carpets and Rugs

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Dust on floors irritates the mucous membranes. In addition to causing minor respiratory problems, allergy attacks, and other disorders, the dust on the floors is extremely harmful. So remember to clean your floors and carpets.
In the fall and winter, we keep our windows closed, trying to keep warm. As long as we protect ourselves from the cold, we trap dust, mites, and mold that can harm our health. Therefore, clean carpets and floors with a powerful and quality cleaner such as Dreame F9 robot vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the carpet on the upside and refresh the colors using a solution of vinegar and water. For an even more rigorous cleaning, they resort to professional cleaning of carpets. Made locally, the drying will take 3-4 hours, at the dry cleaning 48-72 hours. Furthermore, the ventilation of the building must be carried out regularly. The above tips can make your life easier.

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