Top Automobiles With the Best Multimedia Systems

Surprisingly, not all car companies have learned how to make multimedia systems that meet modern requirements. Some offer an outdated interface, and others have software problems.

It’s even more surprising that among the so-called slackers were car manufacturers from Japan, which is traditionally considered a high-tech country. Toyota often doesn’t provide the ability to connect a smartphone via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Sadly, Nissan has a multimedia system that is hopelessly out of date.

Today, the Germans have the most responsible approach to the development of information and entertainment systems. The French are trying to keep up with them. At the same time, the most successful decisions made by Europeans are adopted by Koreans. Let’s review some vehicles with the best multimedia systems.

Tesla Model S


The multimedia system of the Tesla Model S is a computer through which you can control any function of the car. The vehicle is also updated through the wireless multimedia complex, increasing the range or engine power.

The infotainment system also includes a fully digital dashboard that displays traffic information. Also, the system was designed to use autopilot, which is able to independently make decisions in critical situations and park the car without the driver’s involvement. Recently, it has also recognized traffic lights and road signs.

Porsche Taycan


Five screens are installed in the cabin of the first company’s Porsche Taycan electric car. They include a curved 16.8-inch virtual dashboard display with a scale of used power, a 10.9-inch multimedia system screen, and another 8.4-inch screen mounted in the center console.

It’s also proposed to install two optional displays: one for the front passenger and one for the passengers in the second row. In the list of equipment for the model, a smart voice assistant was added, which is activated by the phrase, “Hey, Porsche!”

Audi e-tron


The electric crossover Audi e-tron is equipped with two displays, via which you can control almost any function of the car. The upper display is responsible for setting up the navigation, on-board systems of the vehicle, and the infotainment system. The lower one manages climate control settings.

The voice assistant is also integrated into the system, and there is support for LTE and Wi-Fi communication standards. The Audi navigation system can build a route based on previous trips, as well as take into account the location of charging stations.



The central display of the infotainment system of the electric crossover BMW iX3 can show up to ten individual pages with four widgets. They provide access to frequently used functions, such as navigation or music.

The system is also able to display the necessary information depending on the occurrence of any event or location. For example, a parking map appears on the screen when approaching the end point of the route.

You can control the functions of the car using the rotary controller, voice, gestures, and touch screen. The virtual instrument panel is easy to use. There is a speedometer on the left, a tachometer, and a fuel gauge on the right. In addition, it has a place for duplicating navigation system prompts and displaying individual content.

Volkswagen Golf


A huge curved panel appeared in the interior of the new 2019 Volkswagen Golf. The company calls it a “digital workplace.” The Germans merged two screens into a single housing. The first is a digital 10.25-inch dashboard with virtual gauges. The second screen is the display of the multimedia system, the diagonal of which, depending on the configuration, is from 8.25 to 10.25 inches.

In addition, a projection display is provided. Physical buttons remained only on the steering wheel, and you can find a couple more of them on the central console. Otherwise, almost all functions of the car, even the panoramic sunroof, are controlled using sensors.

Also, the Golf became the first model in Europe with Car2x technology. The system allows cars to exchange data with each other and with the infrastructure.

Peugeot 2008


The car received a three-dimensional 10.25-inch digital dashboard. The data is displayed at different levels of depth, similar to a 3D image in a cinema.

The most significant indicators, particularly speed and navigation data, are drawn larger and located closer to the driver. And the secondary information, for example, the tachometer scale, is a little smaller and located one level lower, further from the driver.

Although most of these cars are guest cars in the United States, they can be repaired and purchased without a license at car auctions online. For example, the Peugeot 2008 is based on the PF1 platform, the same as the Peugeot 208, and has up to 2/3 of its parts in common.


You can say that the multimedia system isn’t so important in a car. Consider the next point of view: if an automaker produces really high-quality vehicles, it pays attention to even insignificant details, for example, dashboards, displays, wireless connections, and so on. That’s why we highly recommend taking a look at the multimedia system when choosing your next vehicle. In addition, it’s always more pleasant to turn on your favorite podcast or listen to your favorite music with the help of high-quality equipment.

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