Artificial Intelligence, Ketogenic Lifestyles, Travel Destinations, and Everything in Between

The world is revolutionarily brilliant with times, designs, and life ever-evolving and it is what makes living so adventurous and worthwhile. Exploring the great outdoors or learning a new technological skill is something that should not be taken for granted but rather embraced, whether you fail or not, to immerse yourself in the experience.

We take a look at some hot topics in conversations lately to see what the community is concerned about, why things are unraveling the way that they are and how we feel about it, and life in general. So, let’s dive right in and see what the buzz is all about and our opinions and thoughts on the matters at hand.

Life in an AI World


It is no secret that artificial intelligence is here, to stay, and is increasingly being used in business and operations processes, but are we ok with that? Too often we feel undervalued in a workplace, and now with the implementation of robotic, somewhat mechanical assistance, is there any hope left for us? Well, fear not, all is not lost. AI is certainly playing a larger role in recent years but the need for humans still prevails (phew).

Sure we understand the concept that an AI assistant or machine can do a job continuously for hours on end without tiring, without losing momentum or enthusiasm, and this appeals to business owners who are always on the look for more cost-effective means to running operations. It also tells us, from a more positive outlook that work efficiency can significantly increase.

Production times can be reduced but product manufacturing can triple in quantity, if not more, so this makes more business sense to implement a machine to execute the more mundane, tedious, and repetitive tasks that humans quickly lose interest in.

Weighing up the options comes in where you are in the ‘food chain’ so to speak, are you an employee looking to maintain your position in the company, or are you at the top of the food chain hoping to increase profits and reduce expenses by integrating a machine that can work through the night for one price tag.

We can say that artificial intelligence is here to stay, so let’s make it work for us most suitably, rather than trying to fight the cause where ultimately it seems we may lose the battle on this one. Keep your ear to the ground for more on this in the coming times.

To diet or not to diet


Oh, the world of dry chicken and salad, could you not let us be and live our lives as we see fit? If you have ever tried to follow a diet or stick to a strict eating plan you will know all too well how tiring it can be, how, more often than not, you feel out of place when you sit at the dinner table with the family or go to restaurants with friends and your plate is looking as unappealing as you are feeling. So why do we put ourselves through this I am not entirely sure, but we have all been there at one point in our lives.

The newest craze on the market is what is known as KETO, or the KETOGENIC lifestyle which in a nutshell is a high fat-low protein with maximum vegetables eating plan. All sugars and carbs are cut out, your protein is brought down to a minimum, and you obtain all your fiber from the cruciferous green vegetables you’re eating daily. And it has shown to be highly successful with before and after images flooding the internet and people taking notice.

What we love about this lifestyle (not diet) is that you don’t have to limit yourself to dry meats or bland meals, but you have choices of homemade burgers topped with heavy cheeses and grilled onions, or salads of tomato, feta, and cucumber perfect for summer days. Keto is changing the world of eating and diets as we know it, and with its simplicity, we are seeing wonderful results.

Keto is essentially a primitive implementation with a few minor upgrades. Where cave people would eat pure meats and homegrown vegetables, and sugars and wheat were nowhere to be seen till much later on in the timeline of life. And let’s be honest, we are seeing any overweight cavemen drawings now are we, doesn’t this say something?

Certainly food for thought.

Your home away from home


As the world returns to some form of normality and travel restrictions are lifted as the world opens its doors again, finding new places to explore and travel to has seen a huge spike, and for good reason too. We are always looking for the next adventure, experience, or tour to embark on and the world certainly has some exquisite locations to immerse yourself in.

Keeping up with travel trends, or any trends for that matter, is a great way to stay in the know, so be sure to check out current blogs and discussions so you are always making more well-informed decisions. And when those decisions are taking you to exotic places filled with nature, the sounds of life, and magazine-worthy landscapes, all the better.

Traveling has for centuries been a way to integrate yourselves into other cultures, to immerse yourself in communities sometimes not heard of in modern society, and if you have the opportunity is a truly eye-opening experience. Take the time to explore islands with white sands and clear waters, mountainous terrains with picturesque views for as far as the eye can see, but most importantly, get out into the world. Life is too short to miss out on these naturally beautiful destinations.

If you start in your home country make the most of it, and explore the regions and surroundings where you live. See how it has evolved, the culture and community that built it and made it what it is today, and you will be hooked. Then, expand to your neighboring country, not too far and still close enough to home to not be overwhelmed, and soon you will find yourself booking excursions across oceans and to mountain peaks, jumping with both feet into life. Yes, please.

At the end of the day


The simple things in life are often the most memorable and enjoyable, so, if you are feeling stuck in a rut, have a quick browse of what’s happening in the world, current topics, and chats, and get out exploring. Your mind and soul with thank you for it.

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