5 Areas of Life to Finally Prioritize

Life can get so busy that a day feels like a blur and a week seems to have disappeared before your eyes. Sometimes the demands of life have a way of making time irrelevant. But what if you’ve kept your eyes down for so long that you’ve neglected major parts of your life? If this sounds too familiar, it’s time to wake up and take action before your habits become harder to break.

1. Your Haphazard Sleep Schedule

Restorative sleep builds the foundation for everything you want and need to do. If you’ve been inadvertently sabotaging your goals by sloughing off on sleep, you owe it to yourself to rest. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that adults get seven or more hours of sleep nightly. Shorter snooze sessions can lead to extreme exhaustion, lower performance at work, and even disease.

These sacrifices to your waking experience likely aren’t worth the exchange you’ve been making as you avoid bedtime. Commit to heading to bed 15 minutes before your usual time, eventually achieving a seven-hour block.

Entice yourself to bed with luxurious sheets, sleep-inducing aromatherapy, serene music, and an eye mask to block out light. Envision your sleep space as a retreat or spa to make spending time there something you naturally prioritize. The more attractive you make bedtime, the more likely you are to happily retreat to your slumber.

2. The Financial Picture You’ve Refused to Look At


You work, make money, pay bills, and repeat. But when was the last time you sat down to examine your whole financial picture? If it’s been a while, now is the time to log into your accounts, export relevant data, and analyze your finances, even the ugly parts. According to Chime, many people worry about getting repeatedly hit by fees. Scour your statements for budget busters, sneaky fees, and activities you don’t recognize.

Once you know where you stand with your account balances, debts owed, and problem areas, you can develop a plan to better your finances. Recognize that even the most daunting issues, like high debt and low credit scores, can be overcome.

As you review your current state, rank the areas you want to improve and commit to working on just three. If you take on more than that, you could become overwhelmed and abandon the effort altogether. Instead, phase your improvement plan for the best chance at lasting success.

3. Your Neglected Skin

The skin is your body’s largest organ, but it’s all too easy to neglect it. Yet the frontline barrier to your body’s ability to ward off infections is not to be ignored.

Aside from its anti-aging benefits, using moisturizers for your face and body can keep your skin at its best. Winter air can leave your skin cracked, exposing your body to germs that would otherwise sit harmlessly on the surface. Adopt a daily practice to nurture your skin, remembering to moisturize after hand washing as well.

If you’ve been fighting acne, you may be cheating yourself out of the opportunity to finally heal. Clear skin gives you more than a confidence boost; it’s a sign that your body is in a state of balance. If you struggle with a busy schedule, seek out acne treatment. With easy online access to healthcare professionals, you can squeeze in consultation between work meetings. Plus, prescriptions can be shipped to you directly, saving you from another time-sucking errand.

4. The Passions that Bring You Joy


Do you often catch yourself saying that you “used to” do something? If those statements sting, it may be a sign that you’ve pushed off a passion that deserves your attention.

Creative outlets like painting, writing, and crafting can easily get set aside as real-life responsibilities take over. While this may initially feel like a mature choice, it can leave you feeling resentful or even depressed. Recognize that adulthood gives you the power of choice, which means that you’re in control of prioritizing your passions.

Consider the things you’ve enjoyed in the past and decide whether they are ones you’d like to engage in today. If other activities have piqued your interest, give yourself a chance to try them out. Just remember that you’re not obliged to continue any of them indefinitely. Sample things that interest you, and when you land on one that you enjoy, give yourself permission to pursue it.

5. Relationships That Feed Your Soul

Check out the most recent text threads with the people you call your best friends. Are they riddled with promises or yearnings to get together that never come to fruition? If so, it may be time to shift your schedule to finally make that weekend trip or dinner meetup happen.

The gift of time is one of the greatest ones you can give to another person. If your relationships have been neglected thanks to a busy life, you need to shake things up. Reach out to your favorite grandparent and take them out on a date. If staying in is more their style, bring over some treats and enjoy them along with their company.

Treasure the family members you have and get to know them beyond the fleeting moments of a holiday gathering. During your visit, you may hear stories from their life that you otherwise would have missed out on. Repeat this effort with those you hold dear, making sure to convey how much you care for them.


Give Yourself a Reset, and Then Get Going

Pivoting your practices requires determination. And realizing you need a reset is the first step to making lasting change. Acknowledge the work you have ahead of you, forgive yourself for past neglect, and then take action.

Track your progress as you make efforts toward improving your problem areas. Celebrate your wins and ride those waves of success as the next challenge presents itself. If you’re motivated by rewards, develop a plan to treat yourself as you reach key milestones. You’ll have the positive reinforcement to keep you motivated and the lasting benefits of your consistent efforts.

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