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5 Best Animation Makers for Kids

Humans are very visual creatures. We enjoy looking at pictures, videos, and animations even from an early age. They help us see the world through the eyes and the mind of someone else and show us both real and imaginary places and characters.

Nowadays, videos can be found everywhere on the internet. They are addictive, fun, and informative. There are entire social networks that are based on creating and watching videos. TikTok, for example, is a platform that entirely revolves around making, editing, and streaming video content. Needless to say, animations come in handy in such cases. Animations, basically, represent an enormous part of the entertainment industry. The same is true for marketing campaigns for TV and other social media, as well as for online video sharing platforms like YouTube, where the animations can be found both in the content and the advertisements.

The world of animation is expanding and evolving very quickly. There is a myriad of tools at our disposal. Since animations themselves have become an inseparable part of our lives, it is important for the kids to learn how to make them as it might be a skill that they will need later in life for whatever reasons. It is not a matter if they need such skills, but when. The earlier they develop them – the better. And with all the available tutorials, the task at hand becomes even more simplified. Nevertheless, they should become genuinely interested in exploring the world of digital design and making their own creations in it, so that it will be a fun learning activity for them.

There shouldn’t be any kind of frustration over it, so it is recommended the difficulty level of the animation maker and the age of the child should be taken into account when choosing which one the child will be using. Also, the final purpose of the animations themselves will dictate which programs could potentially be utilized.

So for all those who are wondering which are the best animation maker platforms and tools that are meant for children, we have found the best 5 options for you to choose from.

Mango Animate Animation Maker

Mango Animate has developed and launched an easy-to-use but powerful animation maker – Mango Animate Animation Maker, and it sits at the very top of our list. Their software has an intuitive interface, and it is practical to use; it allows the quick creation of amazing digital projects on their platform, depending on the skills of the animator. The animations can be for different purposes – from educational purposes like whiteboard videos to marketing purposes such as ads, and anything in between.

The projects are created with a user-friendly platform and there are hundreds of templates that provide an excellent basis for the designs, with additional assets – images, shapes, SVGs, widgets, symbols, vectors – that can be placed in the video according to the preferences and the concepts developed by the user. One of the best things about it is the multi-track timeline through which the user can control and time the elements in the animation. .


This option provides users with everything necessary to make live-action and animation videos. The great thing about it is that it is cloud-based, so it won’t take up any space on the computer. It has pre-built characters which the child can learn to customize, as well as thousands of ready-to-use templates. The huge database of stock images and videos, logos, shapes, etc., can enrich the content of the project. The downside is that there are only paid plans that give access to all of the features, but there is an option to customize them according to your needs.


Explee is very special in the sense that it offers only one template: a blank one. It is basically a whiteboard that enables the maker to add the rest of the media assets in the form of so-called “whiteboard animation”. It is very practical for learning purposes as it will help the children translate whatever they have learned into an imaginative video. This simplicity is attractive for some since it allows for the conceptualization of ideas, but it does impose limitations. There is a 14-day free trial, and 4 pricing tiers: basic, professional, creative, and teams, all specifically adjusted for diverse users and purposes. It is excellent for projects that can be shown in front of an audience to explain ideas and concepts.

Adobe Animate

Animate, in a genius way, has put together a video editor and animation software tools in order to provide an excellent program that adjusts itself to the users and becomes increasingly more complex as the kids improve their skills and learn to animate. The program’s toolbars are customizable; they expand and upgrade according to the needs and ambitions of the child. They can make the characters move and talk with frame-by-frame animation and integration of audio. There are also tutorials that lead the kids into the details of video making. It can be tried for free up to 7 days.


This software is very easy to work with. There is a Lite Mode which is especially suitable for children, or any other beginners as they can use the drag-and-drop tool to animate their videos. It is online, so there is no need for a download of the program. After they learn the basics, they can move onto making more compound animations. They can draw their own characters and objects and make them move and speak. It is paid, but there is a free trial available.


Finally, for us, Mango Animate Animation Maker deserves to be at the top of the list with its three pricing options, and in the free version, you can try all of its features, which is fair, so that you will know what you will be paying for. They have many software tools that can be used even by kids for different sorts of animations, and a well-stocked library from which one can choose images, shapes, and many other visual inclusions.

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