Your How-to Guide for Achieving Minimalistic Style – 4 Easy Steps

Throughout the history of fashion, only a few styles reemerged over and over again. And one notable style remained: minimalism. Characterized by simplicity, clean and stylish lines, minimalism (aka uncomplicated style) captures past, present, and feature.

Minimalistic fashion is a popular choice for anyone searching for a simple yet effortlessly chic outlook. And what is not to love about the minimalistic – an ageless and classy style that truly lets the woman’s beauty shine through.

Minimalistic style is a perfect example of an ideal wardrobe that includes basics in black and white with a touch of color added.


And if you are a bit nervous about implementing the new look – do not worry, because this guide will provide you with the tools to make the transition as easy as possible. To help you create your very own minimalistic style here are some simple steps to follow.

Plus, minimalistic is never out of fashion. It’s not a trend anchored by a specific accessory or garment. Minimalistic is a state of mind.

Still, appreciating minimalism is one thing, and striping your wardrobe is another one (although it seems pretty straightforward – just cut out the excess, right). In practice scaling your wardrobe to just the fundamentals to reflect your unique beauty and style takes real effort.

Keep reading to see how you can achieve minimalism in your look in 4 easy steps (hint: it’s way easy when you have Revir as a guide. Click here to visit their website.)

Less is more…


Remember the phrase less is more? Well, that’s what uncomplicated fashion (minimalistic style) is all about.

Think about it – you only wear one outfit per day (or maybe two if you go out or exercise). And you only live that day once. So, why don’t you wear something you love?

Honestly, life is too short to wear things that don’t make your heart sing or have a closet filled with shiny things you don’t either wear or need. So, less is actually more because it is more of the garments you really love.

“Rules” of uncomplicated style


As with any style, minimalistic has its own “rules” (simple, but still rules). Here is what you should stick to achieve the uncomplicated style:

  • To build a minimal base, choose natural colors like white, black, grey, etc.
  • That’s not to say that you should rule out brighter shades, though. Yellow and green, for instance, fit perfectly with black and white. Adding some color here and there will make your wardrobe feel fresh and up-to-date.
  • Choose pieces of clothing that follow the line of the body (not too baggy and not too clingy)
  • Stick to garments that showcase a clean line, and you can wear them for more than one season.
  • Look for things that can be mixed and matched – they are truly the best.
  • Choose clothes that you LOVE (this is a must).
  • It is better to have fewer things that you adore than many pieces of clothing you don’t really care about.
  • A base of black, white, and gray
  • Black, white, or gray is three colors that can be worn year-round. With minimalistic style these colors exude sophistication. And this color palette is easy to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.
  • Start small…
  • Even though the idea of minimalistic might sound new and overwhelming – it doesn’t have to be. You can start small by bringing one thing at a time into your closet – for example, replace an old garment with a similar colorless piece of a new one. What’s important is that the cut should be clean and stylish (and whatever color it is, it should fit with the base of black, white, and gray).
  • It takes time…
  • Minimalistic style doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time to explore your preferences and understand what you really want to wear. However, once you learn that – soon you will feel like a queen in your fashionable, easy-to-style wardrobe made up of pieces every woman looks good in.

Building an uncomplicated style


Here, in 4 easy steps, we will break down how to achieve the minimalistic vibe in your outlook. That is the kind of minimalism that won’t break the bank or bore you. That kind of minimalism will inspire you to shop for pieces that won’t only last a lifetime but get better with time.

The minimalistic garment will make you look gorgeous and enable you to easily switch between occasions – taking you from the working meeting to casual cocktails with friends to elegant events without much change in the accessories. That is the kind of minimalism. Here is how to set the base:

1. Dreamy Knit Sweater

Quality knit sweater never goes out of style. Something that is durable, stylish, and doesn’t age is exactly the thing you need.

2. The coat/cardigan/jacket


A prime example of a coat that never goes out of style is the beige trench. When choosing coats and jackets, stick to clean lines in natural colors that are not too baggy or trendy.

3. The mighty midi

The midi skirt is the perfect fit for any occasion. Appropriate for going out on the weekends and formal events, the mighty midi is something you will never get wrong with, and it’s an absolute must-have for any minimalist wardrobe.

4. The accessories and jewelry


When it comes to accessories and jewelry, the same rule applies – less is more. Choose one stylish piece of jewelry rather than several layers. Silver, gold, and metallic are great options.

Remember, style doesn’t have to be complicated, and this is what minimalistic is all about. For more inspiration and beautiful garments inspired by the minimalistic style, check out our website. And as always, if you have any questions, we are here for you.

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