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8 Things To Do Before Going to Universities in Australia – 2024 Student Guide

Nowadays, Australia has become one of the most popular study destinations all around the world. Every year, thousands of international students leave their home countries and land in Australia. If you intend to go to university in Australia, you should make full preparations. There are eight things you should do.

Choose a university

Many Australian universities are renowned worldwide. When you go to the southern hemisphere, you certainly expect to receive a high-quality education. Thus, the first thing you should do is to go to CatEight School Finder to search and find a university you’re going to study in.

There are eight prestigious facilities in Australia, including The University of Sydney, Monash University, UNSW Sydney, The University of Melbourne, Australian National University, The University of Western Australia, The University of Adelaide and The University of Queensland. These are called the Group of Eight. If you want to study at a top university in Australia, pick one from the Group of Eight.


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Checking the rankings is also an important thing to do before selecting your favorite. By doing this, you can learn about the reputation of a university, whether nationally or internationally. You will know how they are positioned in Australia and around the world. If you already know your field of study, you can also look at the rankings by discipline or subject.

Geographic location

By choosing a university, the geographical situation is also very important! It will be your “home” during your days at campus. Think about where do you want to stay. Metropolis or small city? The center of the city or remote suburb? North or south? You can write down your requirements and think it over.

The Campus

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If you have in mind a few of them, know your field of study, but still, hesitate … The campus can be a decisive element. Remote or in the heart of a city? Modern or classical? Have lakes, parks or not? To find the right campus, the ideal is to look for photos. You may come across a campus where kangaroos roam quietly on the lawn. Just choose the campus as you want!

The budget

Also, consider your budget. Indeed, tuition fees depend on the universities and the cost of housing varies by city. If you have a limited budget, you’d better select an affordable one.

Consult with an education agent

If you still can’t decide which school to go to, you can ask help from an educational agent, which can make your choice simpler. You can talk about your requirements with the agent, then he will advise you to apply for the right university.

Seek suggestions from professionals

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In any case, it is always useful to listen to the opinion of professionals who is familiar with Australia, who have already visited the campus of the university in question or who have had student feedback.

Search on the Internet

You can also get information directly on the website of each university. Here you will find everything you need: classifications, courses offered, stories from previous students, etc. To go even further, ask questions on forums and get in touch with people who, like you, want to go to study on the other side of the world!

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