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7 Tips to Create an Engaging Online Quiz and Attract More Audience

With more and more content being created every day, attracting an audience to your website or online business is becoming quite difficult. High-quality content is necessary for a successful engagement online. But what is high-quality content? Something that can be easily identified can attract potential customers and hold onto them. Quizzes are a great way of increasing your user engagement online, as they are addictive and attractive, which makes them a part of quality content.

Creating an engaging questionnaire requires some knowledge and techniques, to help you, we have jotted down seven tips that can help you in creating an engaging set of questions online.

Choose Your Type of Quiz

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Before you create questions, you should know what purpose it is going to serve. Is it for the purpose of teaching, entertaining, or for evaluation? Is it going to drive traffic, generate leads, or collect data? Once you are clear on the goal, creating the questions will become a lot easier.

Such online questionnaires can be a great way of teaching or training. Many companies train their employees about specific products or services; similarly, many schools teach their students’ complex subjects. Instead of a boring test, a carefully designed questionnaire can help companies and schools carry out these activities in a fun and productive manner. While most sets of questions are made for teaching or assessment, there are some which are only created for fun.

Such of them should be made highly interactive and attractive, so they can efficiently engage the audience. You can also add images or fun tools. If you’re looking for an easy to use, fun and fully customizable online quiz maker, click here to design it today.

Know your Audience

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The audience of your quiz depends on its purpose. Knowing your audience well is necessary for your quiz to be successful. When you design your quiz for an audience, you would have to reach them on specific platforms. For example, if the audience of your quiz is the young generation, then you should be contacting them on social media platforms. Whereas, if you are trying to reach specific employees or students, post your quiz on groups where such audience gathers for discussions.

Ask the Right Questions

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Questions are one of the most essential parts of your quiz because that is where your brand gets to build a one-on-one connection with its target audience. The right questions are the ones that can boost engagement. There are different methods of questioning; one is the ‘true or false.’

This method is mostly used in quizzes where the goal is to learn. Another method is ‘multiple-choice,’ these are easy quizzes and the person who attempts it does not have to simply guess, but he or she gets options to choose from. The third method is ‘fill in the blank questions,’ these are quite interactive and a great way of testing the person’s knowledge.

Use a Catchy Title

LeadQuizzes claims that the title of your questionnaire is significant, as it plays the most role in engaging the audience. If you have a boring title, then the audience will not be attracted to take it, whereas if it is an interesting one, they might not just take the quiz but also share it with their friends on social media. A good title can be the reason for a number of potential users and can also help your brand be remembered among its users.

Create an Effective Lead Capture Form

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Once you have designed your quiz, you need to work on its lead capture. A lead capture form aims to collect contact information of the user, so you can add them to your email list and grow your pool of prospective customers. When a person takes your quiz, they will be asked to give their contact information in exchange for the result. This way, you can reach out to them later for marketing purposes.

Get Answers about the Answers

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When it comes to online quizzes, reports play an important role as they deliver feedback about the takers and its makers. For example, if according to the reports, there is one easy question that most people got wrong, then it could be because the question was not clear or asked properly. All this information helps in knowing your audience well and creating better questions.

Be Positive in your Results

Results provide a way for you to promote your service or product. So, it is advised to be as much positive in your results as possible. Even if the result is not right, look for ways to present it positively. Because at the end of the day, quizzes are not some strict tests but just a way to have fun. At the time of the result, offer the users some deal, or direct them to your website, or give them an option to share their results on social media.

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