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6 Essential PPC Trends to Anticipate in 2024

In the world of ad campaigns, it is very unlikely that you would be able to accurately predict the future of how PPC will look like. In 2019, there were new trends like Google introducing Smart Bidding for advertisers, audience targeting, effective ad copy, and so on.

What PPC trends should you look out for in 2024? In this article, we’ll address this question. Check out some of those trends to watch out for below.

1. There will be a better audience targeting

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As an advertiser, you have to up your audience targeting games. There will be a lot of audience targeting in 2024 and marketers will be using top-notch keywords. Companies like Microsoft and LinkedIn have been running tests on how to target their audiences better.

You need to focus on how best to help your customers with your services. Because it’s going to be more of the question, “how can your services help us?” rather than, “I want to sell this to you!” So, anticipate this trend in 2024.

More companies are already adopting this new trend and you don’t want your competitors to snatch your customers! Well, how prepared are you?

2. Privacy will be a big deal

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Tracking activities are already been seriously restricted. This means that in 2024, it will be a must for all marketers and advertisers to be privacy-conscious with the data of their customers.

In 2024, it is just going to be about staying off exploiting people’s data for ulterior motives than what they originally agreed to. Although, there are better ways to gain insight about customers without exploiting their information.

But 2024 is going to be a year that marketers need to be very careful when tracking user’s data to avoid issues.

3. Brands might have to think beyond Google and Facebook

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Because people are spending more time on Snapchat, Pinterest, and other apps. As a marketer, you might want to try out these popular platforms. The revenues of companies like Snapchat and Pinterest are growing very fast and so is their user base.

This does not imply that you have to get your hands on all platforms. Rather, what this means is that you need to understand your target market very well and know which social media platform they will likely be active on.

Users are switching up massively and you have to be ready to move with them.

4. There will be more automation

Although the system of automation has already taken off in the advertising world, it is even going to be more important to watch out for. We can now see the effects of automation processes like PPC optimization in many places.

Automation will allow you to recognize potential areas for change, growth, and performance improvement within your PPC account. It’s also integrated into your account as a system that manages biddings and management activities inside your account.

So, this automation system has been observed to carry very many benefits. And it is going to be applied in many other areas of advertising. There will be automated marketing tools and other tools for automating your report and tasks.

5. Anticipate more voice searches

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It has been predicted that in this year, up to 50% of the internet searches will be by voice search. How does this relate to PPC, you ask? Well, it’s not the same ads that appear in typed searches that will appear in voice searches.

Why is this? People are going to get more conversational when searching through voice on the internet. So, you might start to tailor your paid search advertisements to catch up with that upcoming trend.

How can you do this? Use long-tail keywords for targeting, make sure the design of your landing page or website is very interactive and conversational to keep your users glued.

6. Get ready for visual searches

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Since Pinterest introduced a visual search tool in 2015, other social media and internet platforms have employed the technique too. What this means is that users can now search for information using an image.

The search engine will display results similar to the image you uploaded. As an advertiser, you need to start thinking of how to use images to interpret your products and services to customers. This will ensure that your image comes up when a user searches for something related.

Always use correct ALT text for those images. The ALT text is the image description that you write underneath an image. Besides, try to always use high-quality images.

Conclusively, knowing the above 6 tips enumerated can help you to keep up and be “in the know” of possible changes and trends to watch out for in the PPC landscape.

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