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Shop Smarter – 5 Easy Ways Women Can Stay Fashionable On A Budget

It seems as if there is no end to what a woman can spend her money on. We have a long list of skincare products, soaps, lotions, and other items to make us look and feel young too. However, one of the major expenses in the average woman’s budget is on fashion.

Unless you have come into some money recently, you may be noticing the effects of the fashion industry on your wallet like the rest of us. It is through this idea that we want to share some efficient tips on how women like you and I can stay fashionable on a fixed income or even a lower budget.

Shop Smarter

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One of the number one reasons we are spending so much money on fashion is because we are buying name brand items. The popular labels you are used to seeing on the front of someone’s shirt, pants, or handbag is nothing more than that, a label. If we can begin to tear ourselves away from the mindset that we will only buy popular labels, we can start to understand there are some really fashionable outfits out there at a reasonable price.

If you are careful, you can still catch those name brand items at a rather large discount at outlet malls, wholesale centers, or giveaway houses that sell the items at 80% – 90% off the retailer’s price. Shopping smarter is a great way to continue to thrive in the land of the labels, or, if you are okay with going with something without a label, there are still great options out there that won’t break the bank.

Look Local

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More than likely, there is a local business near your hometown that sells great clothing items at a great price. We should always be supporting our local businesses, and if you can discover these little gems in a corner store, in the back of your local market, or wherever they may be, it is completely possible that you won’t go anywhere else.

One of our friends discovered a shop in her town. She had lived in this town for 30 years, and she didn’t realize the store was there, now she is a regular because once she got to know the owner, they began ordering specifically for her styles and price range. Local shops are great to start a relationship with because it is like your own personal shopping service.

Consider Modest Fashion

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In 2018, British Vogue designers shocked the world when their entire line was all modest clothing. Currently, modest fashion is a great way to keep up with trendy fashion styles, and there are both brick and mortar and online stores that are available to the public at great prices. One online boutique, E and O Apparel produces modest church dresses for their audience at cheaper than normal prices. They have a solid customer base who are regulars and love the styles.

While the world hasn’t caught up to this fashion trend yet, the pricing for your budget is still something you will love because the styles do target a fresh and young audience who want to stay with the trends. Modest fashion is revealed to be more empowering, and it demands respect. Women who try these dresses and other outfits out usually end up coming back because of the way it makes them look and feel.

Work With What You Have

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One reason fashion in your closet can become expensive is when you go shopping with the mindset to purchase complete outfits. In fact, you should be thinking about not purchasing complete outfits but rather creating a complete outfit. This means you have in mind what you already own and what you need to purchase to create a complete outfit.

Perhaps you have a cute top that you have nothing to pair it with? Instead of going out and buying a brand new outfit, just purchase the bottom half, a nice dressy skirt and a scarf to complete the ensemble. Keeping in mind strategies like this is important when you are on a budget. We realize it’s difficult sometimes when you see a beautiful outfit that you want, but if you can go with what you already have your bank account will thank you later.

Set Your Budget And Go

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You have heard of setting a budget for your home, and perhaps you have one. However, there are ways you can get that very expensive outfit by creating a budget and being patient. We understand that you may not shop the thrift stores and bargain hunt every time you go to the shopping centers.

Having said that, create a budget that you can spend every month on clothes. Make sure it compares to other bills in your life, and if that expensive outfit is worth two months of clothes budget, be patient and save. There’s nothing like creating a limit for yourself because when you do you open the door to other important items in your life as well, like family time and holiday time.

In Conclusion

Just because you have a budget doesn’t mean you don’t get to stay stylish. You will never have to sacrifice style for being smart with your money. The women who love to shop, but always find themselves scraping the bottom of the barrel after each month need to stop and take concern with their spending, set their budget, and stick with it. You will be happier, and life will be easier, and of course, you will be stylish.

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