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5 Big Home Repairs You Can’t Afford to Postpone

Our homes are the cornerstones of our lives. Through good times and bad, we experience life through the lens of our dwelling. Relationships, friendships and families can be forged under these roofs, with many of our most cherished memories taking place within the home.

As much as our homes are sentimentally important, they are also tangible assets. While it can vary from home to home, most homeowners expect their properties to appreciate in value over time. This form of investment is often the biggest purchase an individual or family will make, so safeguarding its value is paramount for most.

As with any investment, there are occasional changes and improvements that must be made to guarantee its stability and value. Ultimately, home repairs are simply a reality for homeowners; they can become necessary at any time, but some are more easily delayed than others.

Because not all home repairs can be avoided until next month or next year, so check here the best local home repair service. We will explore 5 major home repairs that can cause major issues, a loss in value, or even outright danger.

Roofing Repairs

Just as much as the foundation of the home ensures its structural stability, the roof of the home shields it from weather and anchors the framework in place. While many roofs are designed to last for decades – even centuries – occasional repairs will be needed. Slate, tile and even shingles will inevitably fail somewhere, necessitating the need for a small repair. If these small repairs are neglected or missed, the damage can ultimately spread.

The roof repairs Belfast, Glasgow and Londonderry companies such as provide can spare a great deal of home damage and costs. If a small section of roofing begins to fail and is left unrepaired, water and other natural elements can begin penetrating the home. Damage to the roof, walls, furniture and flooring alike become inevitable.

At the first sign of missing roofing material or leaks within the home, roofing services should be procured. Repairing a roof may cost a few hundred pounds, but that is substantially better than spending thousands once the damage compromises other key segments of the home.

Foundation Repairs

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Some homes are naturally built on areas where soil swells, contracts, erodes or accumulates. These shifting changes in the landscape can cause a variety of problems outside of the home, but they also pose major risks for the home itself. Alternating periods of drought and inundation, in particular, can cause the foundation of a home to expand and contract as well, ultimately leading to cracks and damage.

Foundation repairs are not the cheapest form of home maintenance, but they are much more manageable when addressed early. While it might seem ridiculous to spend £500 repairing a crack in the exterior foundation or basement, that pales in comparison to spending £10,000 or more in the years that follow once the entire foundation becomes compromised. Because of the structural importance and sheer costs associated with rebuilding or repairing a heavily damaged foundation, addressing this big home repair as soon as possible is practically mandatory.

Heating and Cooling Repairs

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Most homes – especially newer ones – are designed with climate control in mind. Modern heating and cooling systems ensure that rooms and people alike don’t get too hot or too cold. Unlike homes built many decades or centuries ago, the components utilised in modern home construction are often not as resilient to temperature extremes.

If your heating and/or cooling systems begin to malfunction, it can be easy to put off repairs in some cases. If the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, or the system is working at least partially, then you may see an immediate repair as being unnecessary. However, poorly functioning or non-functioning climate control systems can allow moisture, heat and cold to enter the home and actually cause damage. Coupled with the fact that your heating and cooling systems may be damaged even further if they operate outside of peak capacity, you could ultimately spend thousands in delaying this repair.

Water Damage & Pipe Repairs

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On balance, water is probably the most destructive element to any home’s long-term sustainability. With multiple forms of damage able to occur from both inside and outside the home, mitigating any risk of water damage is vital to successful homeownership.

Where there are plenty of water and moisture-related concerns, the biggest ones often relate to plumbing and interior spaces. If a leak forms in one or more pipes throughout the house, wood can rot, mould can grow, and other metals can rust. If you notice musty smells, leaks or discolouration forming on walls and surfaces, then you may have water damage forming.

Given how pervasive water damage can be, repairs can easily cost thousands of pounds if not addressed early. This is why fixing pipes and other leaks as soon as possible is recommended.

Mould Repairs/Removal

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Even if there is no substantial water damage in the form of leaks or damaged roofing, one major problem – mould – can pop up in older homes. Whether prior moisture barriers have failed, you live in a humid climate, or your home’s materials are just conducive to mould growth, watching out for this nasty occurrence is essential in maintaining health, wealth and resale value.

Removing a large and established growth of mould from the home can cost £2000 – £3000. At the first sight of any mould, calling a professional who can remove it can take care of the problem for a fraction of the cost. Mould also can harm your health, whether you are allergic to mould or not. It also becomes disproportionately difficult to sell your home if there is a mould outbreak inside of it, which reduces its actual value.

These five repairs are among the most major forms of home maintenance that can quickly evolve into expensive ordeals if not addressed quickly. Whether it’s roofing, water damage, foundation, mould or climate control, the effects caused by these initial issues grow exponentially over time. As such, contact a qualified professional for assistance today if your home has any of these issues developing, as the price you have to pay will only grow with each passing day.

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