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What’s going down in 21st-century bathroom design?

Strong colors are back, forget the avocado suites of the 1970s, blue is back, think blue hues and even a strong dark blue for sanitary wear.  Blue is the new cool and the alternative to white with plenty of chrome fittings and ripple effect white tiles that pick up the movement of water in the basin or bath.

Crisp white urban tiles can be followed up with rustic or industrial reclaim, Belfast sinks with a chunky wooden butcher’s table base look stunning.  Have fun trawling around salvage yards or reclaim sites, a great look in a contemporary flat or home.

Is Crittall really back in vogue?

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Crittall windows are steel-frame windows that first appeared in 1889 made by Frances Henry Crittall, an Essex ironmonger.  The term ‘Crittall windows’ is generic in the same way that the name, ‘Hoover’ has become a catch-all term for a vacuum cleaner.  Legally, only windows made by Crittall can be described using that name but the title has come to refer to any steel-framed window and now this look has appeared in the bathroom.  Steel-framed shower units with a grid design and a vaguely Art Deco feel are right on trend as an alternative to plain glass. Take a look at KeystoneBathrooms for some ideas on what can be achieved.

Also back on trend is bathroom wallpaper to add some strong colors and design to certain areas of your room.  If the thought of wallpapering is just too much like hard work, why not try some of the new materials available which offer the design and statement patterning of wallpaper combined with the resilience and durability of tiling without being either of the two?

Shower panels and Bathroom wall panels

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Cleverly created from laminate, acrylic or a composite, produce an amazing finish and effect which tiling cannot match and without the hassle of wallpaper.  Bathroom and shower panels (see: for more information) are quick and easy to install even fitting over the top of current tiles so you can avoid the hassle and expense of stripping out the room.  There is no grouting which is what facilitates some of the amazing designs. Quick to install and very easy to keep clean (unlike tiles), these panels have minimal seams and there is a huge range of designs and effects.  Create a gloss or metallic finish in a strong plain color to create a boutique, hotel finish in your home.

Wall panels and shower panels allow you to do something different with your bathroom.  You can refresh and update in the blink of an eye and don’t have the worry of committing to the permanency and difficulty of wall and floor tiles.  If you fancy a change, then just recreate it.

Heavy metal

Polished chrome and steel have been in vogue for a while but gold and copper are back, picking up on that uber industrial and urban look although they work equally as well in a more period and traditional setting.

Whichever way you look at it, color is back in the bathroom so create a splash with strong designs and vibrant tones, all brought to you with the ethical credentials of architectural salvage and the ease and simplicity of modern materials.

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